About Me

Until my early 20's my diet primarily consisted of fried chicken tenders, spaghetti, hot dogs, and grilled cheese. I really wanted to like vegetables. Even with that the case, my enjoyment of baking and cooking started at a very early age. I often witnessed and participated in baking projects with my mom and mostly witnessed (rather than tried) my dad's skill and creativity in the kitchen.

While I fully avoided most healthy food as a child (and my parents really really tried many methods to get those foods into me), it has been so much fun as an adult to explore and experiment with many different ingredients and cuisines.

Today, cooking and baking continue to bring me so much joy. It is therapeutic for me and often a creative expression. I love creating special dishes to share with others and I love helping others find more enjoyment from cooking. 

I am not too focused now on eating healthy. I've found that if the plate is full of vibrant, aesthetically pleasing foods, the healthy part will follow automatically. Wherever possible I try to create or use recipes that avoid processed foods. I am very comfortable going vegetarian or limiting my use of meat on the plate, but when I do feature it, I do my best to work with local sources!

The Early Years

Very proud to be 'helping' my mom bake bread.


Making Tomatensuppe...part of a multi-course German meal I created and served to my friends for a German class project.

And Today

Thanksgiving 2021. Thankful to be back in the kitchen, cooking alongside Mom & Dad.